UPSC Enginneering Services (IES/ESE) Books For Civil Engineering

UPSC Books – Civil Engineering

1. Strength of Materials /Mechanics of Structure by Gere & Goodno

Develop a thorough understanding of the mechanics of materials – an essential area in Mechanical, Civil, and Structural engineering — with the analytical approach and problem-solving emphasis in the market-leading mechanics of materials, 9E. This book focuses on the analysis and design of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion, bending, and more. Photographs and detailed diagrams demonstrate reactive and internal forces and resulting deformations.

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2. Theory of Structures by Gupta & Pandit (Part 1 & Part 2)

Theory Of Structures (Vol. 1) is a guide to the subject of structural engineering, which involves the designing of buildings and other structures such as dams, bridges, automobiles and so on. It can also be used to design equipment for medical purposes and other machinery. 

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Covers the complete course for Structural Analysis II – offered to undergraduate students of Civil Engineering Salient features: Chapters covering advanced topics such as computer analysis of pin-jointed frames and computer analysis of rigid-pointed plane frames and beams; Profusely illustrated to enhance conceptual understanding of the subject; In-depth coverage of important topics such as moving loads and influence lines, static and kinematics theorems, Kani`s method based on the iteration technique of solving slope deflection equation, building frames and continuous beams; 183 solved examples of varying complexity levels; A separate chapter on Numerical Methods highlighting its application to Structural Analysis.

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3. Construction Planning & Management

  • PERT and CPM

Project Planning and Control with PERT and CPM

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4. Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering by R.F.Craig, Muni Budhu

Craig’s Soil Mechanics continues to evolve and remain the definitive text for civil engineering students worldwide. It covers fundamental soil mechanics and its application in applied geotechnical engineering from A to Z and at the right depth for an undergraduate civil engineer, with sufficient extension material for supporting MSc level courses, and with practical examples and digital tools to make it a useful reference work for practising engineers.

  • Restructured chapters on foundations and earthworks
  • non-linear soil stiffness models
  • Extended sets of correlations
  • robust statistical selection of characteristic soil parameters.
  • Greater use of consolidation theory 
  • Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT)
  •  pile load testing

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Discover the principles that support the practice! With its simplicity in presentation, this text makes the difficult concepts of soil mechanics and foundations much easier to understand! The author explains basic concepts and fundamental principles in the context of basic mechanics, physics and mathematics. From Practical Situations and Essential Points to Practical Examples, this text is packed with helpful hints and examples that make the material crystal clear. This book also includes a CD-ROM that offers students hands-on learning

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5. Environmental Engineering by Peavy and Rowe

This book brings together and integrates the three principal areas of environmental engineering water, air and solid waste management. It introduces a unique approach by emphasizing the relationship between the principles observed in natural purification processes and those employed in engineered systems.

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6. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines by K.Subramanyam

Salient Features:
Comprehensive coverage of Hydraulic Machines in a student-friendly manner
Detailed concept review that aids in thorough and quick revision
Objective questions f or competitive examinations as per new pattern

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7. Highway Engineering by Kadiyali

All highway concept with ease .. Best book for Highway Engineering

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8. Airport Engineering by Saxena & Arora

Airport engineering planning and design (pb 2020) latest available information and guidelines are incorporated. Easy to understand and thorough content. Standard clinical norms and practical implications have been taken care.

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9. R.C.C. Design by Pillai and Menon

This revised edition follows provisions of IS 456:2000 as well as related current codes and the advanced development that have taken place in the field of Reinforced Concrete Design. Written for students and engineers, this book lays great emphasis on conceptual clarity through state-of-the art coverage of all required topics.

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10. Docks & Harbors by Rangwala

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11. Railway Engineering by Saxena & Arora

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12. Building Materials by M.L. Gambhir

This book on Building Materials provides the reader an insight into the sources, production techniques, properties, environment friendly performance and relative economy of the well established building materials used by engineers, architects and builders. The list of the relevant National Standards (IS codes) is a unique feature of the book.

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13. Steel Design by Arya & Ajmani

The book has been revised with that latest codes 

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All Books are impotant for UPSC Engineering Services – Civil Engineering.

UPSC Enginneering Services (IES/ESE) Books For Civil Engineering

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