UPSC Books For Science and Technology

UPSC Books – Science and Technology

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UPSC Books For Science and Technology has now turned out as crucial marks differentiated between students from a science background and non-science background. But with right kind of preparation, this difference can be made up. UPSC Books For Science and Technology section of General Studies Paper (Paper 1 for 200 marks) in Civil Services Exam Prelims, is nowadays more focused towards the latest technologies.

Earlier, questions from General Science were directly asked. It has also to be noted that the UPSC syllabus just mentions General Science and no details! So giving a 50-50 weight-age to science and technology each would be the ideal strategy.

In-depth knowledge of Latest Technologies plus a thorough understanding of basic sciences is necessary to score high in Science and Technology questions of Paper 1 (General Studies). Links are provided to buy the important Science and Technology books available in the market in a prelims perspective.

1. Science and Technology: for Civil Services 

The third edition of Science and Technology has been thoroughly revised to suit the needs of students appearing for UPSC Preliminary and Main examination. The content has been aligned as per the previous examination trends so that the aspirants have a fair understanding of the subject alongside getting accustomed to the examination pattern. The content has been systematically organized to discuss the discoveries from the past to gradually cover the latest trends and breakthroughs in the field of Science and Technology. 

It covers all aspects of Science and Technology from basic to advanced level making it easier for students from non-science background to comprehend and retain. Also there is emphasis on all international issues with respect to various sectors like energy, space, defence, IPR, particle Physics, material technology, Biotechnology and so on.

This book thus delves into this important aspect of the examination In detail, providing aspirants with a ready made amalgamation of basic concepts intertwined with current developments in the various fields to equip them for the examination.

✔Two new chapters have been included on the topics Cyber Security and Universe

✔Important terms have been highlighted through the text to guide new aspirants

✔Includes 2019 Prelim questions

✔Content has been updated to include recent developments, current affairs, and government schemes related to Science and Technology

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2. Science and Technology in India by Spectrum

The book, of course, discusses in detail the core Science and Technology issues in the ‘hi-tech’ fields of space research, nuclear research, information Technology, Earth and ocean sciences, energy and Biotechnology. However, it also covers some important topics of socio-economic nature from the point of view of set inputs, such as healthcare and medicine, ecology and Environment, Agriculture, rural development and industry.

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3. NCERT Books For Science and Technology

Those are Basics Books for Science and Technology.

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UPSC Books For Science and Technology

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